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How does Electrofusion Machine realize the connection to PE pipes?

Electrofusion Machine is a device that uses electrothermal fusion technology to connect polyethylene (PE) pipes. Its working principle involves key steps such as preparation, installation of electric heating coils, heating process, fusion connection and cooling and solidification.

Before connecting pipes, it is necessary to ensure that the connecting end faces of the PE pipes to be connected are clean to ensure the quality of the connection. Then, the operator puts the electric heating coil on the Electrofusion Machine at the connection of the two PE pipes to be connected. These heating coils are usually designed to match the pipe diameter to ensure coverage of the entire interface to the connection.

Start the heating system, and by setting appropriate heating parameters, such as heating time and temperature, the control system will deliver power to the electric heating coil. The electric heating coil is heated by electricity and heats the pipe material to a certain temperature. During this process, the heated pipe material gradually softens and reaches the preset welding temperature.

When the pipe material reaches the preset welding temperature, the operator will slowly push the two pipes toward each other so that they come into contact and begin to fuse. During the fusion process, the heated pipe materials mix with each other to form a strong connection. This step will take some time to complete to ensure that the pipe materials at the joint fully fuse and form a strong connection.

After the pipe connection is completed, turn off the heating system and allow the pipe material at the connection to cool and solidify naturally. This process takes time to ensure the joint has completely cooled and solidified, creating a strong and reliable connection.